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Friday, February 18, 2011

Flat Water Paradise

Now this looks like a flat water paradise indeed! These guys show us how relaxing and fun a lightwind session can be. It seems like a great learning spot.
The spot looks pretty closed to me so you can always ride, no matter the wind direction, without worrying that you will not be able to reach the shore if something goes wrong with the kite or if you have hard time going upwind.
   There are no hills or any big obstacles in sight to make the wind gusty so it should be nice and constant.
   It is so much easier to keep an edge when riding on flat water. It allows you to concentrate more on the kite, learn new tricks or just relax and enjoy the sun and wind in your hair while riding.
   The only downside I see are those weeds in the water. They tend to tangle arround your ancles if you have to swim. You have to keep your body as high and as flat on the water as you can when passing through them. Here a swimming vest would come in handy.

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